Peter Gill, playwright and theatre director
Programme notes
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Cardiff - A Short History
Welsh verse


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Extracts from Cardiff East Programme

Cottesloe, 1997

The links on the left are to extracts from the programme of the Royal National Theatre (Cottesloe) production of Peter Gill's Cardiff East. They were researched and compiled by Lyn Haill and Janet Prowting. Books quoted and consulted include:

  • Cardiff A History of the City by William Rees (Corporation of the City of Cardiff, 1962);
  • A Guide to The Welsh Capital City of Cardiff by Roger Thomas (Jarrold, 1996);
  • The Literature of Wales by Dafydd Johnston (University of Wales Press, 1994);
  • A Book of Wales, An Anthology selected by Meic Stephens, (J.M. Dent, 1987);
  • Wales, An Anthology selected by Alice Thomas Ellis, (Collins, 1989).

Thanks to the Western Mail and South Wales Echo.

The National Museum of Wales is at Cathays Park, Cardiff, CF1 3NP. Telephone 01222397951

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