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Résumé of The Marriage of Figaro

The action covers one day and takes place in the castle and grounds of Aguas Frescas, nine miles from Seville.

Act One

A small room in the castle: morning — It is the day of Figaro's marriage to Susanna. They have been given a room connecting their employers' personal apartments, and Susanna warns Figaro that this will assist the Count in his attempts to buy back 'Le Droit du Seigneur'. Figaro determines to outwit his master. Marcellina plans to hold Figaro to a written promise marriage made in return for a loan of two thousand silver pieces. Cherubino overhears the Count declaring his love for Susanna and is sent by the Count to join his regiment in Seville.

Act Two

The Countess's bedroom: a few moments later — Figaro's plan to disguise Cherubino as Susanna and send him to meet the Count that night is foiled when Almaviva unexpectedly returns from hunting. Disaster is only averted by Susanna's quick thinking. Marcellina easily persuades the Count to try Figaro for breach of promise.

Act Three

A hall: afternoon — Susanna agrees to a rendezvous with the Count, which the Countess will keep, disguised as her maid. But the Count is suspicious and finds against Figaro in the hearing. The revelation that Figaro is the long-lost son of Marcellina and Bartolo seems to resolve the situation.

Act Four

A pavilion in the garden: evening — That evening, the Count makes love to his own wife, believing her to be Susanna. When the deception is revealed, he begs his wife's forgiveness.


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